Why buy a recycled safety cap?

Eco-Recycled Safety Caps: An Ideal Solution for the Industrial Sector.

Companies in the industry are always looking for ways to improve their image and environmental empathy without compromising worker safety. That’s where eco-recycled safety caps come in.
Eco-Recycled Safety Caps are made from recycled and eco-friendly materials, allowing them to offer maximum protection while being environmentally friendly. They are also designed to be comfortable and durable, making them an optimal solution for businesses in the industrial sector.
The eco-recycled safety caps are available in two colors to match company branding and employee personalities. They are designed to be easy to maintain and can be cleaned and reused over and over again, resulting in significant cost savings for the company.
Finally, eco-recycled safety caps are a great way for companies in the industry to show their commitment to a safer and more sustainable environment.

In conclusion, eco-recycled safety caps are an ideal solution for companies in the industrial sector looking to improve their image and environmental empathy while maintaining a high level of safety.

What is the current waste load?

For information, 2 billion tons of solid waste were produced this year 2022.
Indeed, our way of life and more precisely our consumption has strongly increased these last years.
In addition, the greenhouse gas emissions of the textile industry amount to about 4 billion tons ofCO2 . This amount is related to the creation of textiles, including safety caps.
We therefore observe a mass of waste produced that continues to increase.

What is the manufacturing process of our recycled caps?

To mitigate this increase in waste production, the Surflex brand has put on sale

its very first ECO Responsible safety cap.

For the creation of the textile of the latter, the process is simple. To begin with, bottles are emptied, washed and sorted. They are then crushed into granules. This material or fiber obtained is called rPET (Recycled Polyterephthalate of EThylene) and is composed mainly of polyester.
These recycled fibers are comparable to virgin fibers. Indeed, they are very resistant and just as qualitative.
This process allows us to responsibly manufacture and design our safety caps.

Recycling as a whole, now commonplace for all those concerned about the future of waste, is beneficial on many levels.

Buying recycled products like our Eco Recycle safety cap would allow :

  • Reduced energy consumption by not creating a new cap
  • Considerable reduction of pollutant emissions
  • Provide economic support as the recycling industry generates jobs
  • To contribute to the preservation of water and air
  • To limit the amount of energy used
  • To participate in a responsible production

Where can I find a responsible ECO safety cap?

offers you offers you its first ECO RESPONSIBLE safety cap EN 812/A1 made from recycled plastic available in blue and black.

Our cap ECO Responsible Safety Cap Surflex® navy blue.

Our cap ECO Responsible Safety Cap  Black Surflex® .

What are the characteristics of the SURFLEX® ECO safety cap?

Our eco-friendly Surflex® safety caps are first of all certified by the standard EN 812/A1 to protect the wearer’s head from shocks.
Of course, they are made from recycled textiles and are certified by Global Recycle Standard.
Our safety caps are of French designthey have an elastic band for a better for a better hold of the head, side vents, an anti-sweat band and finally have a water-repellent material.
It is possible on request to add options such as a removable USB LED headlamp and a comfort foam, an SST badge or our protective chinstrap.
This model is offered in navyblue and black.

The government, as you surely know, tends to change our consumption pattern from a linear economy to a circular economy in order to reduce the production of new products to preserve our natural resources.

To find all the regulations/laws on anti-waste that are and will be in force, I invite you to visit the government website.

What is grs certification?

What are the guarantees of being GRS certified?

  • The primary long-term goal is to completely replace the production of virgin material products in order to opt for a manufacturing process using recycled materials.

The guarantees are therefore :

  • Reduction of the negative environmental impact
  • The consideration of the human factor in the production principle
  • Increasing recycled content in products
  • Knowledge of the source of the materials
  • The principle of commitment on the part of the company and third-party companies
  • Transparent communication

How to obtain the label?

The GRS label is for textile companies like Surflex® that want to promote their finished or semi-finished products made from recycled materials like our Eco Recycle safety caps.
The product must contain at least 50% recycled material to be certified by an independent certification body.

What are the environmental principles?

The company must respect a certain number of criteria such as :

Control of water consumption, energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions
The control of wastewater
The implementation of a waste management system
Limit the production of chemicals

What are the social principles?

The company must respect a certain number of criteria such as :

The implementation of a social responsibility policy
The prohibition of forced and child labor
The prohibition of all forms of discrimination, harassment and abuse
Freedom of association
Ensure the health and safety of workers
Verification of employment contracts and salaries