Protective ABS shell


ABS is a thermoplastic. To put it simply, at high temperatures, when heated, this plastic does not burn, but melts. It changes from a solid state to a liquid state.
Other(thermoset) plastics burn and are therefore difficult to recycle. When in contact with high heat, these plastics undergo a chemical change that is irreversible.


Acrylonitrile has heat resistance, chemical resistance, and stretch resistance.


Butadiene is an impact resistant rubber and has good performance at low temperatures.


Styrene has a shiny appearance and rigidity.

ABS is a solution to recyclable plastic.   It can be transformed and remoulded to give a second life to the product
In a world where recycling becomes essential, the protective ABS shell is essential and is now used in many industries. (including personal protective equipment).

Why use ABS plastic for the safety of your employees?

ABS is a plastic providing valuable mechanical and chemical properties. Very resistant to shocks and time, this plastic is ideal for all sectors of activity where injuries can be common.

ABS is a resistant material that can meet
thestandard EN 812 .

No deterioration of the product at high or very low temperature. It will last over time and will not weaken the protective equipment.

Where do you find the ABS?

The safety cap

The protective helmet

safety hat

Surflex, concerned about the environment and the quality of protection of its caps, has chosen an ABS plastic to guarantee a solid range that is more respectful of the environment.