Lift-up and removable anti-projection visor

  • Visor made in France high-end special Coronavirus designed for the safety of workers.
  • It is possible to raise or lower the protective screenwithout hindering movement.
  • The screen can also be clipped and unclipped from the cap according to the needs of the worker.
  • The anti-projection visor is transparent and in PET (resistant polyester).
  • Compatible with all of our protective caps (Except caps with very short visors = 1 cm)
Référence VIS Catégorie
  • EU 10/2011 standard and FDA / BGA approved for the food and medical sectors and classified B-s1regarding fire.
  • The cap is resistant to impacts and temperatures ranging from -20 ° to + 65 ° C.
  • Face shield measurements: 42cm height, 22cm lenght and 1mm thickness. (The visor of the cap measures 5cm length).
  • Also find the visor with glasses version.

Scratches, water, solvents, chemicals and oils.


Min: -20°C ; Max: +65°C


PET (resistant transparent polyester)


42 cm width, 22 cm height and 1 mm thickness.