Bump cap chin strap

  • Chin strap for caps or helmets.
  • Maintaining the cap in severe weather for instance.
  • In addition, the chinstrap is adjustable.
Référence JUG Catégorie
  • It adapts easily to the safety cap, adjusts to the size of its user and allows the protective cap to be held in order to prevent it from falling in the event of an impact.
  • Order your chin straps with your safety caps. Surflex safety caps are not predisposed to receive a Surflex chin strap as standard. It is necessary to order the chin strap option as soon as the order is taken in order to plan the mounting of the eyelets in our workshop. The installation is carried out in our workshop in the North of France.
  • Discover our ventilated protective caps suitable for PPE. (Noise reduction helmet and chin strap)
Weight11 kg

Unique adjustable