How to prevent risks in your business?

An employer has a moral and legal obligation that goes beyond the few regulations in his sector. It must ensure the mental and physical health of its employees.

To do this, an organization must be set up to protect its employees and prevent risks in the company.

You must list and assess the occupational risks inherent in your sector ofactivity. To do this, we must take into account the dangers that employees face on a daily basis. This sets those that can be deleted to those that cannot be avoided. The danger can arise from an equipment, a substance or a working method which can cause damage to the health of workers.

Establish a list of health and safety rules in the company. The document must be visible to all employees. The employer must also be concerned about taking into account and understanding this document. Adapt machines to people. It is important to secure the workspace to limit contact with tools and potentially dangerous and harmful substances.

Equip its employees with personal and collective protective equipment. Each employee must have all the resources necessary for his safety according to his tasks and his job.

Its approach must be organized and efficient so as not to be questioned when one or more of its employees is injured or commits a fault.

How to deal with a recalcitrant employee who does not respect the rules of hygiene and safety?

It is not only the employer or the manager who has duties towards his employees. But the latter also have a moral obligation concerning the rules of safety and hygiene.

Each of them must take care of their safety and health in their workplace.

We must act with discernment. The point here is not to foolishly and simply berate your employee, as that usually never solves problems. We must work together, make the employee understand that it is for his own good and that his actions could harm others and himself

It is a dialogue based on mutual listening.

In many cases, it is about discomfort. Employees do not wear their protective equipment because it hinders them in their work (suffocation, heavy, bulky). The employer must therefore adapt to this and adapt his PPE to the demands of the employees.

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