Personal protective equipment PPE

How to choose ?

PPE is effective when a danger or risk cannot be avoided by any other way than personal protection.

It is important to select your personal protective equipment PPE according to your needs. There are hundreds of products designed to protect your user, but it is important to select the most suitable to best meet the requirements of your working environment.

Once the proof of the need to wear PPE is established, it is necessary to proceed in stages to select your personal protective equipment according to certain criteria.

The nature of the risks must be established. Define the potential dangers, the potential exposures of all sectors of the company

  • The standards in force. Indeed, some sectors of activity are governed by standards. They guarantee the PPE a quality of protection in line with the degree of dangerousness of their working environment.

Study the ergonomics, comfort, use and durability of the product. You have to choose PPE that lasts over time while being robust. Protecting your employee is a cost, so it is better to equip them well to avoid numerous and expensive buyouts.

Now here are some examples of personal protective equipment PPE and their interests

Caps / Helmets

Prevent frontal and side impacts from falling hard moving or stationary objects. This PPE is used in construction, renovation, industry, etc. Depending on the site, it can vary between a helmet and a safety cap. These protect the user, but do not meet the same standards.

Safety shoes

Prevents the risk of crushing, slipping, burns and cuts. The composition of the shoe will also depend on the needs on the ground. In a kitchen, non-slip soles will be appreciated. On a construction site, a metal front shell to protect against falling objects will also be necessary.

Protective gloves

For all risks of cuts, punctures, irritation and contact with potentially dangerous substances. To know which glove to use, it is necessary to refer to the object or the substance handled. (indeed, the glove will not be the same for all tasks)

Protective clothing

Blouse, tunics, safety pants, coveralls. There is a plethora of clothing to meet the needs of businesses. The sector of activity is decisive in the choice of PPE. For example, if you work in the food industry, a coverall will be essential to protect you.

Safety visors

Protects against dangerous respiratory substances as well as toxic and / or dangerous liquid splashes. In the current period of covid 19, this PPE has become a must in all companies.