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Winter safety caps

The winter range is now an essential category of our catalog. These are caps designed and manufactured with the main aim of keeping the wearer warm. This can be used in low temperature or very windy environments .

Warm caps providing lasting comfort and safety over time.

The standard EN 812 is also de rigueur on this winter range. In addition to a removable ABS shell, these caps are equipped with two ear covers as well as a fleece lining . These additions do not in any way hamper the weight and comfort of the cap but just complement an already very versatile styling to make it attractive in less favorable weather conditions.

The winter safety cap

EN 812 standard, with two ear covers and a fleece lining, this cap perfectly meets the criteria of a secure and comfortable cap.

Its retroreflective piping on the side sides provides additional visibility in bad weather and allows the wearer to be more visible to others in order to avoid accidents. A high visibility model also exists to accentuate the clarity of the user.

The safety hat

The chapka offers an inner fleece lining to increase comfort but also to retain heat.

In strong winds, the chin strap provides optimal support for the styling on the head. For more information on personalization, contact us .

Compatible accessories

A multitude of accessories are available with the Winter model.

The winter cap with headlamp gives more visibility in the workplace.

Also, the chin strap and comfort foam can complete the cap to make it more attractive and versatile.