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Ventilated protective caps: for optimal ventilation of the head

The Air + model from the Surflex range of ventilated protective caps is designed to promote ventilation.
Indeed, thanks to its wide ventilation bands and its anti-perspirant band, the cap gives its wearer a feeling of freshness in the head.

All ventilated protective caps are standardized and certified EN 812 , a European standard.

Its ergonomic shape allows it to adjust to all head shapes.
Without forgetting the ‘objective n ° 1 of the design of this cap, thanks to the removable protective shell, the top of the skull and the side parts are protected .

What size visor should I choose for my Air + bump cap?

Different sizes of visors according to the wearer’s needs:
Air + caps with 1cm visor : this choice cap with 1cm visor provides an optimal field of vision. The visor does not interfere with workers working in an industry where they must look up.

Air + bump cap with 3cm visor can be worn for industrial use requiring good visibility.

Finally, the Air + safety cap with 5cm visor helps protect the worker from the sun’s UV rays. The wearer thus protects his eyes from sunlight.

Complementary products

Find the accessories compatible with the Air + model of the bump cap. You have the possibility to attach a removable LED headlamp in order to bring visibility to your work.

You also have the possibility to personalize your caps with your company logo from 20 pieces. In case you would like to create your own cap with your own color code, to find out more, visit our dedicated page at special production .