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LED safety caps

Surflex headlamps complement safety caps. Thus, they allow increase visibility in dark and / or low light environments.
First, the headlamp attaches to the front of the cap (at the visor). This allows the wearer to have a light that best adapts to the movements of the head.
In addition, this option is removable and can be removed at any time. Therefore, adapt your cap to your environment. Headlamps are compatible with 3cm visors (and more).

For personalize your caps with this option, contact us .

LED headlamp with removable battery

The battery-powered headlamp has white lighting. Then, it has an autonomy of 20 hours. Its main quality is its lightness. It hardly affects the total weight of the cap.
In addition, with the purchase of a headlamp cap, batteries are included (CR2031).

Detachable USB LED headlamp

The USB headlamp has a lighting system divided into three more intensities , recharging is facilitated by the use of a USB cable (universal charging).
Autonomy of 5 hours for a simple 30min charge.

From all season LED caps to air + LED caps, the customization choices with this option are endless.

However, the headlamp is not compatible with short visors (1cm).
This accessory is carefully designed and incorporated into the cap so that it cannot come off. This can be important in the mechanical and aeronautical engineering in which it is essential not to not lose utensils in complex mechanisms.