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All-season bump cap
A range designed for all seasons: whether it’s windy, rainy or snowing. All-season safety caps are characterized by 5 cm long visors .

This allows the wearer to be protected from the sun’s rays. Thus, it allows to have a better vision of his working environment. It is a model designed specifically to limit injuries related to impact from hard objects and still.

Certified by standard EN 812 , all-season protective caps have successfully passed tests and examinations for be reassuring in all circumstances.

You have the possibility to choose from a wide choice of colors (navy blue, black, gray, red, green, white, beige, fluorescent red, fluorescent yellow and fluorescent orange) because we emphasize on the versatility of this model.

Between the all-season cap, the high-visibility retro-reflective cap and the all-season cap with LED headlamp, you have the choice in order to best adapt your PPE to your specifications.
Find our accessories for safety caps such as chinstraps in order to keep the cap on the head in trades which require the worker to bend over.