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The safety cap, how to choose?

The Surflex protective cap EN812 / A1 standard , is a PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) of the head. Thus, the protective cap helps reduce the risk of falls , impact or collision which can be fatal. The shell fits very easily into our cap thanks to its internal pocket and its hook-and-loop strips facilitating insertion and maintenance.

Ventilated protective caps

Some models like the Air + have a dynamic, curved cut and notched ensuring a natural support on the head via the occipital bone, and offers the possibility of wearing other PPE such as the protective mask and the earmuff.
You can find different size of visor according to your needs: the 1cm visor for use in particularly narrow places or inside machines, the 3cm visor for use in industrial environments and the 5 cm visor to protect against light and sun rays.

High visibility bump caps

Our fluorescent safety caps and Chapkas high visibility allow workers to be visible in low light environments. Their fluorescent color (available in orange, yellow and red) as well as their retro-reflective border have the advantage of obtaining better visibility .

Winter protection caps

In order to protect yourself against the cold but also protect yourself against shocks , our work hats, protective caps and safety caps have been designed to meet your needs. Designed especially for winter with cold temperatures.

Protective caps with LEDs

As long as you need protective caps for dark and cramped use e, we offer Integrated LEDs . The light systems make it possible to see and be seen. In case you need a removable LED, we offer Rechargeable USB LED to be fixed with the advantage of being removable. You can use these LEDs in environments such as: tunnels, sewers, train construction, automobiles, airplanes, electrical breakdown services …

Surflex offers you its range of accessories to be associated with its EN 812 protective caps for different uses.

If necessary, we offer the possibility of delivering the caps, whether or not to be indicated when ordering.

What are the laws and standards?

In France, the law of the ‘article. L4121-1 of the Labor Code stipulates that the employer has the obligation to take measures to protect the physical and mental health of workers. Before the law, it is the employer who is solely responsible for the protection of his employees within his company.
With regard to the EN 812 standard, it imposes physical and performance requirements in order to maximize the protection of the wearer of PPE when their head hits a hard and stationary object. To find out more, order the European standard EN 812 from AFNOR (French Association for Standardization).