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Accessories for safety caps for optimized working conditions:

Detachable headlamps for protective caps

The front lights for safety caps are designed to be able to work in dark environments or in difficult conditions.

Available in USB rechargeable version or in battery-operated , our headlamps offer a high level of lighting quality.
Our LED lamps are clipsable on the visor but other means of attachment are possible by inserting a pocket ( contact us for more information).

Our rechargeable USB version has the particularity of having a motion detector mode which allows the lamp to turn on when it detects movement.

Straps for protective caps

The straps with chin bar for protective caps are attached to the side faces of the cap in order to hold it in place.
The chinstrap is an option on request, the installation is carried out in our workshop in the north of France.
Equipped with a chin guard, it plays the role of protection so that the cap does not fall.

Neck protectors for protective caps

A novelty on the PPE market: the neck protector. Its resistance to UV 50+ makes it an ally against the sun’s rays.
Available in white, it can be customizable and ordered in specific colors and sizes, contact us.

Carabiner and bag for storing PPE

In the workplace and for the safety of workers, it is important to have the PPE available to them.
In addition, our PPE carabiner allows you to hang the protective cap on work clothing.
The PPE storage bag , meanwhile, allows you to organize your clothes by compartment safety shoes, safety shoes

Visors for protective caps

The protective visors for safety caps were specially designed during the Coronavirus period. The purpose of this creation was to help companies protect their employees.
Also, face protections are options that can be added to caps on request. They are removable, so the bump cap can be worn alone or with a visor.